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Yacht Party & Fun

Our sailing holidays are not just about clear waters and exotic sand. We also try to bring you to the most interesting spots that the route has to offer. You will have the opportunity to stroll along sun-kissed streets, visit charming villages with interesting architecture and fairytale castles and discover some of the most fascinating sceneries you’ll ever see in your lifetime.


There’s a first time for everything, but your first yacht party has an entire place of its own. There’s something about watching the sun go down, with a drink in your hand, while swinging to your favorite tunes that is good to the soul. But, don’t put away your dance shoes just yet. Every night we take you to a new place where you can dance your heart out surrounded by friendly faces and beautiful people. Whether we’re having a yacht party in a secluded bay or going out in some of the most popular bars and clubs, fun is guaranteed!

White Nights

We love a fun night out, but wouldn’t everything be a million times better if you could do it dressed up as a Greek God/Goddess? On White Nights we stroll the streets all dressed in white. High spirits are mandatory, and so are the white clothes. If you don’t have anything white to wear, don’t worry – we’ll make you an impromptu robe out of bed sheets and crown you our God/Goddess.

Bring your own music

There’s never a wrong time to kick off a yacht party! Cruising along the coastline, drink in your hand, sand in your eyes and a mix of blissful beats that leave you smiling ear-to-ear are all the ingredients you need. All yachts are equipped with stereo cockpit speakers. Bring your own music and celebrate until the sun goes down. Or until the morning, if you wish so.

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