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Sail your yacht
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There’s nothing that captures a sailing holiday better than sipping a fruity cocktail on a white yacht’s deck overlooking the golden sunset. But, although all these may be new to you, we believe you can learn to sail.

How it Works

Most of the people who join our sailing holidays have never been on a yacht before. But, this doesn’t mean they can’t learn to sail and acquire a new and interesting ability. We try to make it possible for everyone to enjoy life on board, regardless of their level of knowledge of experience. We provide a professional skipper who will ensure your comfort and safety during the trip. By the end of the week, you will help your skipper like a top crew member.

Can’t Sail?

If you can’t sail, don’t worry! Sailing Nations provides you with a licensed, professional, and fun skipper who will make your sailing holiday comfortable & safe. Our skippers know the local waters, understand the weather, and know how to navigate the yacht. They also know the best sailing spots, and will be your local insider on board. You can learn to sail and participate in the day-to-day activities of yachting. The skipper will be with you the entire week, show you a great time and become your best friend.

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