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What is it like to be on a yacht?

Each yacht has 3-5 cabins with 2 people in each cabin. Each cabin comes with pillows, sheets, and towels. The yacht will have a toilet and a shower. Showers are also available in the marina if needed. There is also a fully equipped kitchen on the yacht.

Is sailing for me?

Many people have not sailed before. About every one of them have said it is one of the best holiday they have ever had. Sailing on a yacht is a stunning experience, both dynamic and unwinding with an incredible blend of relaxing in the sun encompassed by staggering landscapes and extraordinary fun during the evening. Living on a yacht for a week is a thrill and you’ll get used to your new home right away.

Will we have fun?

Absolutely. We know how to have fun. But just to clarify. We are not a party cruise. Our focus is to Sail, Discover, and Celebrate in that exact order.

What experience is needed?

You don’t need experience to sail, but this will be a good chance to learn sailing, so ask your captain to demonstrate to you how its done. You may be asked to help with pulling ropes or holding fenders but this is all simple work.

What is included?

The total running cost of the boat such as insurance, end cleaning, dinghy, outdoor motor, professional skipper, but also bed linen, towels, boat toys, and snorkeling gear. We also insure the deposit on the yachts, which other companies don’t do. But most importantly, whats included is: Sun, Sail, Party, Fun, Friendship, and unforgettable Memories.

What about food?

Depending on the mood of the people we will be eating on the boat during the day and go for dinner in the evenings. In any case, food needs to be organised separately. The crew will also need to take care of your skipper. You need to have enough food on board for the skipper to eat during the day and in the evening.

Who are the people going?

Our guests are very youthful at heart and made up of internationals from all over the world such as Germany, UK, Spain, Brussels, Switzerland, Doha, Dubai, China, and the US – this makes our events very unique. The age group is typically 25-45, most of guest are traveling single and we aim to have a ~50% male/female ratio.

It is just me going, is that ok?

Yes that’s ok. As a matter of fact, most of our guests are coming by themselves and enjoy meeting new people on their sailing holiday. Many of them make new friendships that last a lifetime.

What can you do on the yacht?

Anything or nothing really. You can just sleep, enjoy the sun and the amazing views, go swimming, have drinks, catch fish, listen to music, or also be fully active and assist sailing the boat. We will also be doing excursions to beaches, parks and villages, if this is what the crew desires. But since you and your crew need to eat, some basic help with preparing the food is recommended.

What do I wear?

Thailand: Thailand is usually very hot and humid. So think beach and casual.
Mediterranean: Very casual during the day, and for going out something little nicer. You might also have strong winds, so a rainproof jacket is advisable.
Sweden & Holland: Can get cold in the evening and warm jacked for sailing recommended.
Caribbean: Bathing suits and flips flops are everywhere ok

We have photographers on most trips. If you want to get on the pictures, wear something nautical and fun. Sailor hat anyone?

Who are the skippers?

Yachts will be sailed by certified Skippers from Sailing Nations who have a lot of experience sailing yachts. The main duty of the skipper is to bring you and the yacht from A to B safely and ensure you have an enjoyable holiday. However, Skippers have a lot of responsibility and need to always be switched on, so be nice to your skipper and always see what you can do for then. Make your skipper happy by providing him/her food and drinks.

What yachts do we have?

You can chose the yacht that you want during booking. However, Sailing Nations is striving to always charter the nicest yachts which are new and usually between 40-50ft long. Think Bavaria 50, Oceanis 48, Sun Odyssey 509 etc. For Catamarans we usually charter Lagoon 400 or 450. New yachts cost a little more than old yachts, but we feel it’s worth paying a small premium to have something enjoyable during your sailing holiday.

Are the yachts insured?

Yes, yachts are fully insured to the maximum amount if you book with us a flotilla holiday.

What language do we speak?

Because of the very international nature of our events, most people will be speaking English. I know people love speaking in their local language sometimes and thats ok. But please make an effort to switch back to english soon. People don’t feel comfortable if there are conversations in a language they don’t understand. If you want to be on a yacht that has i.e a German skipper, this is possible too. Please let us know you preferences during checkout.

Skipper care

Please take care of your skippers. They have a lot of responsibility for the crew and the yacht and need to always be switched on. The skipper will try to make you feel comfortable on the yacht but vice versa you need to take care of your skipper. See what you can do for them, feed them, give them to drink, invite them etc.

Best practice at see

The skipper is in charge of the boat, so before you do something you are not sure about, always ask: “Captain…can I/we do …..Captain how do I…”

And advice on seasickness?

Seasickness is very rare and there seem to be good options, from medicine to seasickness wristbands. Take a look at options on Amazon and in addition take a look here: http://www.seasickness.co.uk/

If a trip is canceled, will you refund my money?

If a trip is cancelled we will refund your money. But up to now we never had to cancel a sailing trip. We do not reimburse transportation cost. It’s up to you to get travel insurance for this.

Once I pay, can I get refund for?

Cancelations 60 days before the event are 100% reimbursed but you loose 50 EUR reservation charge. Later cancelations are not possible, but you can at any time give the reservation to another person that will take your space.

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