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Our sailing holidays are not just about clear waters and exotic sand. We also try to bring you to the most interesting spots that the route has to offer. You will have the opportunity to stroll along sun-kissed streets, visit charming villages with interesting architecture and fairytale castles and discover some of the most fascinating sceneries you’ll ever see in your lifetime.

Cultural Outings

Travel is all about experiencing different cultures, and what better way to do that than spending time with the locals. Take part in their customs, enjoy their traditional foods and drinks and learn something new about the world.

Onshore Excursions

Hike lovers – this is your jam! If you want to continue your journey on land, we have something in store for you. At some destinations we’ll anchor the boat, rent scooters and explore the islands at our heart’s content. You’ll get to take long hikes, admire the native wildlife and discover secluded seashores. We’ll spend the day making adventurous explorations and enjoying nature at its best. Fun guaranteed

Swim breaks

What would a sailing trip be without enjoying the calm blue sky, crystal clear waters and lovely waves? Every day we take swim breaks in postcard-perfect bays. You can snorkel or dive and get an up-close view of the dazzling marine life. We’ll cruise along the coastline and discover together hidden caves, natural pools, beautiful lagoons, incredible beaches and the right spots to cliff dive. There’s no shortage of picturesque sceneries in our sailing holidays and you can freely feast your eyes and your Instagram feed.

Enjoy Nature

There’s something surreal about standing in front of a rocky cliff towering above sapphire waters. It really puts into perspective how amazing and majestic nature can be and you can’t help but marvel at the stunning panorama.

You will have the opportunity to observe up-close the unique biodiversity of some of Europe’s most beautiful coastlines and the amazing marine life of the Caribbean. You’ll see egrets, vultures, gulls and falcons. Sometimes we sail with dolphins leaping all around the boat and, if the conditions are right, you can see pelicans plunging into the sea. Under the sea there are crabs, langoustine, lobsters, squids and countless colorful fishes.

The island’s wildlife is equally as impressive. Birds, butterflies, turtles, wild sheep and a myriad of other species are waiting to be seen and captured on photos. During summer, you will hike surrounded by the sensuous scent of lavender, myrtle, thyme and rosemary.


Is there anything more relaxing than soaking up the sun on a yacht above pristine turquoise waters, with a fruity cocktail in hand? Didn’t think so! Forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and allow yourself only to worry about whether you will catch the sunrise or not. Discover new and fascinating places, swim in calm lagoons and party the night away surrounded by friend. If none of these can help you de-stress from life, we don’t know will.

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